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Words from “Wild” Joe Haze after being driven neck-first through a BARBWIRE Chair by Super Cyclone at GRINDHOUSE Wrestling VIII!

“Wild” Joe Haze vs SUPER CYCLONE epilogue:

Since long before the Grindhouse, two brothers were living their dream. They were the longest reigning tag team champions in Queensland Wrestling history. One brother suffered two near-career ending concussions and was sidelined for over a year. This time made the brother bitter, twisted, vile and hungering for revenge!

Since his return from his injuries, Joe Haze has been on a violent path of destruction, leading his followers, The Rejected, to the AWA Q League Championship. After seeing the violence his brother was inflicting on Queensland wrestling, Josh Haze refused to compete unmasked, shunning his former persona and finding the hero within as “Super Cyclone”.

Super Cyclone aligned himself with Queensland Sekigun, and rose through the ranks of AWA, before Joe set his sights on his sibling. After months of violence and bloodshed, months of psychological warfare and years of bad blood, this feud will finally reach boiling point!

Commissioner Matty T has decided that this bloody, chaotic and violent chapter of the Grindhouse needs to end… and will do so in one of the most decisive matches in Lucha Libre tradition, “Mascara Contra Cabellera” or Mask vs Hair. Super Cyclone will put his mask and identity on the line against Joe Haze’s trademark black long locks and beard. It will be the sign of all that Cyclone holds good against his brother’s identity. If Joe Loses, he will have his trademark locks and beard shaved bald before the Grindhouse patrons – if Cyclone loses, he will be forced to unmask and never wrestle as Super Cyclone ever again in the Grindhouse!

“This match will not only put both men’s pride on the line, but I know this match will reach levels of violence Grindhouse Wrestling has never seen. Therefore, I am throwing all disqualification rules out the window and letting these two fight to the very bitter end!” said AWA Commissioner Matty T.

Be there tomorrow night for SUPER CYCLONE vs Joe Haze – Mask vs Hair DEATHMATCH! This Saturday night 5.10.2013 at GRINDHOUSE Wrestling IX: “The End is NIGH!”

We’ll also see #YOLOVERINE” Kelso Kahoniz vs AJ Istria in a battle of complete contrast

Jesse Daniels, Ben Damage and Jon Jeremy vs Johnny Lukas, RUFIO and Whetu in a 6 man battle with every man looking to get an upper hand on their foe before the upcoming Grindhouse Season Finale

The Rejected’s Heretic and Pestilence vs Bee Boy and the returning Valkyrie of the Grindhouse, Queen Wolverine

& finally The Underwater Alliance’s Koi Bombora challenging NWA-AWA Heavyweight Champion, “The Maori Terminator” Jade Diamond in the biggest match in this young fighting fish’s life and shot at eternal glory!

It’s all happening TOMORROW NIGHT! Don’t miss out. We’ll also see a special live gig from Brizzy Pop-Punk Sensation, “What We’re Worth” & returning 18+ Saucey Burlesque dancing from the lovely ladies @ Glasseater Events!


NWA/AWA proudly present…

live in the cinema! – Oct 5 2013, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane CBD

Check out the venue @
346 George St, Brisbane CBD
For booking details ph 0430 315 906
or 3211 4300 (Tribal)


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