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GRINDHOUSE Wrestling Part VIII official Results & fallout!

(GRINDHOUSE WRESTLING Part IX: “The End is NIGH!” Official Event Poster)

“Licence to Krill!” Official Results & fallout!

AWA’s latest night at the GRINDHOUSE, amazingly entitled, “Licence to Krill!” saw zany comedy, hard-hitting athletic wrestling, rocking local music, seductive and sassy ladies of the night removing their clothes and violence taken to a new level!

– Sep 7 2013, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane CBD

* The Underwater Alliance’s Mascara Angler defeated Whetu and “Double Penetration’s Hard-Man” Jon Jeremy. Everyone’s favourite Angler Fish’s swan-song was cut short by a heinous post-match attack by Mark Davis. Bon-Voyage Angler, we will miss you during your annual trans-atlantic migration!

* Johnny Lukas defeated Jesse Daniels in a Lumberjack match

* Mark Davis defeated the furry-bummed cult-hero of the GRINDHOUSE faithful, Combat Wombat. Davis’ chaotic and erratic behaviour continued with another post match attack (Management is not taking this situation lightly) Wombat has since assured us that this pitstop has not derailed his intergalactic mission across time and space. The mission continues – earth’s last hope blazes on!

* The Underwater Alliance’s Koi Bombora defeated Robby Heart & AJ Istria in the upset of a lifetime. We have since been advised that this win has guaranteed the Fishy fan-favourite a title-shot THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at the NWA-AWA Heavyweight Champion, “The Maori Terminator” Jade Diamond! Facing tumultuous adversity and the loss of his best friend and Tag-Partner, Koi has exemplified his motto & way of life: “JUST KEEP SWIMMING!”

* Q-League Championship Match (Captain’s Fall): The Rejected – Wild Joe Haze (Captain), Ben “The Damager” Farrar, Heretic & Pestilence defeated The Queensland Sekigun – SUPER CYCLONE (Captain), Australian Wolverine, “#YOLOverine” Kelso Kahoniz & Spaceman Dacey via DQ. The Q-League again came down to the 2 estranged brothers and respective captains of their teams. The closing scene saw Joe introduce something the GRINDHOUSE has never seen before – a barbed wire “nest” topped chair! CYCLONE cost his team the match as hate and vengeance proved more important to him than victory and teamwork, as he drove Joe neck-first through the barbed wire chair, disqualifying himself and his team. The violence in this blood feud on this night reached a new level. Possibly the most unsettling of all, Joe appeared to be laughing as the wire was picked out of his bloody back and the Rejected raised the Q-League Championship Trophy. Following this match, management has determined that this blood-feud will come to an end at GRINDHOUSE Wrestling IX!

The action continues @ GRINDHOUSE WRESTLING IX, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT. All your favourites will be in action & the biggest feud of the GRINDHOUSE comes to a head! We’ll also see another special live gig from Brizzy Pop-Punk Sensation, “What We’re Worth” & returning 18+ Saucey Burlesque dancing from the lovely ladies @ Glasseater Events!


NWA/AWA proudly present…

live in the cinema! – Oct 5 2013, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane CBD

Check out the venue @
346 George St, Brisbane CBD
For booking details ph 0430 315 906
or 3211 4300 (Tribal)


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